(f.k.a. Keynotes, Presenters and Moderators)

  • Since we're having a play with paradigms, rather than thinking of themselves as a "speakers" we are inviting our keynotes, presenters and moderators to consider themselves more as Keys, Framers and Facilitators — keys set the tone, and presentations serve to frame or reframe and give depth and context to the lively conversations among friends (and future friends) that will follow.

    Also wherever possible we are hosting Key Conversations rather than keynotes; these are often a blend of local and global participants.


    Douglas Rushkoff

    Team Human

    Donnie Maclurcan

    Post Growth Institute

    Dennis Simmons

    Maar Koodjal

    Rosanne Scott

    Perth City Farm

    Dr. Louise Duxbury

    GreenSkills, Inc.

    Nora Bateson

    Warm Data Labs

    Alanna Irving

    Open CollectiveEnspiral

    Daniel Schmachtenberger

    Civilization Emerging



    Damon Gameau

    2040 documentary

    Scott Ludlam

    Australian Greens

    Amanda Cahill

    The Next Economy

    Brad Pettitt

    City of Fremantle

    Michelle Maloney

    Australian Earth Laws AllianceNENA


    Unlearning: How to use art & improvisation to unleash creativity for personal and political transformation

    Regenerative Agriculture: Transforming culture and community, blazing Australia's path to net zero emissions

    The regenerative narrative

    What can we do as organisations to ensure new and emerging technologies are used for good?

    The future of business and the transformation of value

    Lowering the barrier to technological & economic independence: lessons learned in Holochain application architecture

    Blockchain in the hands of the people

    Technology and the future of work

    Brilliant cities of more-than-human futures


    XR: New messaging for a new future

    Reclaiming business

    Evolve or die - flower fascism in the post-ironic age

    Structural diversity: commons and cooperatives, social and economic justice


    More trains? Here's how.

    Beneficiary funding for the transit transformation

    The hydrogen highway

    Getting to maybe: educating for an emergent future

    Finding my inner voice In a world filled with noise

    Constructing reality from the ecological Self

    Changing mindsets by stealth – regeneration via meso action

    Breaking free: a nomad’s journey to creating a new economy

    Becoming powerful with emerging technologies by enabling community currencies


    Pathway to a new economy:

    a critique, a vision and a strategy for getting there

    Beyond dogma

    Exploring distributed ledger technology to promote regenerative agriculture in WA - a warm data lab

    A future beyond capitalism is already here, and it's growing